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The Horned Rat: What's in it?

I've investigated this expansion to Chaos in the Old World as far as I could.  The information is actually rather scattered around Fantasy Flight's pages, so here's a little compendium of all the various things I could find.  All information is compiled from Fantasy Flight's expansion site.

How to work with points in Chaos

It's come to me that there's an article on FFG's site about how to win by dial, but there isn't one really anywhere about how to win by points for all characters.  It seems rather unfair, so before it's made totally useless by the new expansion, I thought I'd put my thoughts out there on the subject.

New lesson for an old favorite

I just had a rather interesting game of Chaos in the Old World yesterday.  It was the second consecutive session with this group.  One was a regular player (Slaanesh), another very bad at it (Nurgle), and the other brand new (Khorne).  I had been leading for a while, but eventually the other players started going after me.  My dial was doing very well, but after one unfortunate round, it became rather clear that I was not going to win that way anymore.  I was also doing really poorly in points, so I basically resigned myself to losing.  A miracle occurred that really taught me something about the game, details after the break.

Latest Xbox 360 controller

I kinda went a little crazy last week and bought some expensive things.  One of them was the new controller, whose biggest marketing point is the new D-Pad.  All-in-all, it's a decent piece of hardware, but isn't enough to make me think people should get it if they don't already need a controller.  Details past the break.