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Back in action

With the loss of my job, I have significantly more free time, even after going out looking for other jobs.  I can now practice Street Fighter, Doom, Halo, Catan, whatever!  I got to playing some SSF4 last night, and clearly the people there got better while I was grinding my teeth at work.  I haven't worked so hard to win my matches in a long time, even though I was consistently winning.  I also got worse in some aspects, because even though some people were playing really stupidly, they still managed to beat me.  The one thing in which I can now pride myself though, is that I can almost reliably get Ultra 2 out when I want it, and it feels really good.  I can bait out Shoryukens, answer crossups, even finally hit the Reversal EX Spinning Bird Kick.  I can't use it carelessly, but it's still a powerful tool (especially when I can manage to get it twice in a round).

It's finally happened

I can't believe this is happening, but I'm actually going to try practicing Halo now.  I have the same opinion as I always have: I don't like console shooters.  However, I am open to playing it if I nobody else is willing to play my games, which is just about all the time.  Therefore, if I am going to play the game, I may as well devote some effort to playing it well so that I'm not completely useless at it.

Social Gaming: Doom 2

Normally, I use my Social Gaming section to show games I think are best played in groups.  Well, this time I want to talk about something that's better left to single-player campaigns.  In all fairness, it's probably a fine game in Deathmatch when done appropriately (some maps absolutely are not meant to be for multi), but since I give off a kind of fear aura with the people around me, we all went co-op.  What followed was a mashup of stupidity, and not in a good way.


Well, I've officially turned in my two weeks notice to my job at the arcade.  This isn't really any particular news, but it does mean I won't be so anonymous with this after that point.  Most of you who read this (if not all) know who I am already, but I've always kept this as something private to be spread only by word of mouth.  Any public advertisement of my blog would quickly expose it to my bosses who would definitely not approve of some things I've stated, especially since they've already said we can't talk about work in public.  Well, once I'm officially gone, I have no reason to keep this private and maybe I'll get some readers who'll actually comment once in a while.
(In other words, not meaning to sound rude, but I like it when people respond to what I have to say.  If you like what I have to say or just have something relevant, please post even if you know me personally.)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney unanswered questions

This entry will kinda contain spoilers for those who have not played the game.  If you don't wanna see them, play the game and come back.  I'll wait.