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Why I play Heroclix

Ok, I know I don't update this blog very often, so let me just lay a little thing on you.  I generally hate collectible games.  At least, that's what I thought.  I think what I really hate is collectible card games.  I used to play Magic for a long time.  Eventually, I got tired of needing to invest so much money every set to have a remote chance of making a decent deck, and left entirely.  I decided to try other CCGs like Dragon Ball Z & My Little Pony.  I left each of those for the same reasons.  I respect them all as games, but I just hate the collectible aspect of it.  I hate "the chase" to buy the most powerful cards.  I don't like how it was required to play well.  As you can see by the title, I am now playing Heroclix, which is also a collectible game.  Why is this somehow the exception?  Why do I still choose to invest money in this thing, especially when the player base is apparently very low?  For that matter, what good reason would anyone have to …