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Just a random status update

Yeah, it's been a while.  I've been doing more classic TV watching on YouTube than gaming, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Lucky Star.  This entry will just be some snippets of what gaming I have been doing.  See the tags for what it involves.

When these fists talk, no-one's deaf!

I've finally started working with the Tank, and I think it's now a solid class for me.  He can often get the kill when others try to approach him, so a Tank can pretty much go where he wants without interference.  This is further complemented in closed spaces, such as the lower half of LazeRazor and the sides of Steel Peel.  The only thing is that I really feel I have to customize him to use him properly.

MNC followup

I've purchased the game and spent the remainder of the day playing it.  My level is around the 30s, so I think I've acquired enough experience to make a solid opinion on most of this stuff.

Review: Monday Night Combat

What do you know?  I think this is the first time I've given a review of a new game that's not simply a better version of an older game (see Super Street Fighter 4).  Monday Night Combat's been out for a little over a month, but I was rather hesitant to pick it up.  First, it's a third-person shooter.  I'm really turned off by shooters at all, and more so if I can't look directly where I'm aiming.  (I'm a bit of a sniper, personally.)  It's also a "tower defense" style of game, a genre which I've really misunderstood from mixing it up with a totally unrelated game.  I decided to check the mock "commercial" of Ammo Mule they had, since I figured it'd be some nice entertainment, and things just rolled on from there.  I got to play some real games with a friend that did buy it and the trial allowed me a couple legitimately online games.  This has got me hooked, but I'm a little reserved as to how popular it really can be…