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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

There's a really hot new game going around right now, and for once, I'm right there on the front of it!  Thank you to Game Grumps for introducing me to this glorious gem (warning: NSFW language at the link)!  This game was originally intended for the Oculus Rift, but it can be played with a standard PC.  The idea for this game is very unique, and I always love me some good unique.  One player is at the PC, and only that player is allowed to see the screen.  Everyone else is playing nearby within earshot, but they cannot see what you see.  The main player is in a closed room with a suitcase bomb and various modules connected to it that are used to disarm it.  Your friends are the bomb defusal experts, who have a 23-page manual detailing how to disarm it.  It is up to all of you to communicate effectively enough that you can correctly disarm the bomb within the given time limit.  This game continues to exceed any expectations I have.  It is truly exploding all over the internet…