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Dominion Harmony update 6: Buffalo Tribe

Managed to play a 4-player game with Buffalo Tribe, and it seems while I was well-intentioned, it still didn't scale right for the benefit you get.  I really wanted to have an Apprentice + Twilight Sparkle combo engine going, but the existence of Buffalo Tribe was just too good.  +1 Action +3 cards +3 money for 5 just totally outweighs whatever I'd get out of, well, anything.  I've now changed it so that it scales up 2 each time.  1's across the board for a 2-player game is fine for 3 (we kind of already have cards like that), 2 cards/money is ok at 5 (but still powerful).  7-cost is currently the highest in existence, just below Province.  If 1/3/3 is too powerful for 7, I'll have to do some fundamental scrapping.
EDIT: Nevermind, Discord is just fine as-is.  He does a very good job at emptying supply piles, and I don't want to make that easy to do.

Dominion Harmony update 5: Pinkie Pie

Every time I look at Pinkie Pie, I don't want anything to do with her.  I'm sure I'd want to do her justice and actually make her useful if I considered her best pony, so I should accommodate for those other players who'd think that way.  Every card should be useful in some way, even if a joke.  I think Pinkie Pie would very much approve of this card.  It's got a lot of power, but it lets her be everyone else's best friend, too.  Once you got use out of her, the next player gets to use her, too.  They'll probably want to use her since they have her, and the cycle will just keep on going.  There is just so much good that can come from this card.  For those of you who like abuse, you can also combo her with Possession, especially in 2-player games.

Dominion: Harmony build 4

Minor update this time.  I've updated 2 cards and learned a little about a 3rd.  As usual, the full list of cards can be found here.  Applejack and Braeburn both received cost reductions.  I've noticed that Applejack actually ends up being very useless except early in the game when you're trying to build the fundamentals of your deck.  It could work if you're doing a Gardens-style deck, since you're just as fine getting Coppers as you are Provinces.  They'd have to name Copper, Estate, and Gardens itself to keep you from powering out Gardens, in which case you just a lot of power to get Provinces.  In most cases though, it ends up being more trouble than its worth.  At 5 cost, you have to either get lucky or build up to it.  At 4, you're guaranteed to be able to get her to help get you started.  Given that it's pretty much worse than Market in practice, this cost reduction seems ok.
Braeburn got a cost reduction because the similarity to Crossroads is …

Dominion: Harmony FAQ

I figured since I want people to be able to play with this set, I definitely ought to put in an FAQ.  Everything that came up in playtesting and more is in here.