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Review: DC Deck Building Game

So I'm a big fan of Marvel's Legendary Deck Building game.  My favorite comic book hero is Batman, and I generally enjoy the DC media more than Marvel.  I had heard the DC game was a lot worse than Marvel, but I figured in all fairness I had to give it a shot.  To keep it short, I regret this purchase.  Unless you're a big DC fan, this is a game to avoid.  Read on for a more detailed explanation.

Review: Legendary deckbuilding game

It took a while for me to pick this up, but it always takes a while for me to review anything, anyway.  I certainly don't need a lot of time to figure out how I feel about this game: it is truly awesome!  The price tag is definitely steep at $60, but this is probably the best deckbuilding game I've ever played.  Full disclosure: I only have a passing interest in Marvel comics.  The more hardcore fans will either love it even more than me or hate it for possibly not sticking so well with the lore.  I haven't heard anyone make any such complaint in my group, though.