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Learn from your loss, but also your VICTORY!

Well, good news for the Org, victory was accomplished in a recent Super Street Fighter 4 tournament.  Unfortunately, the attendance was half of the previous one, but hey, money in my pocket and experience earned.  Level up!  I do not wish to be unsportsmanlike, but to be perfectly honest, most of this tournament was easier than I thought it would be (I stress the "most," some of it was downright terrifying).  Therefore, rather than comment on each of my matches like I did last time, I'm gonna talk about what I learned overall from the experience.

Sometimes, you just gotta shoot Bambi

This is essentially an apology post.  By that, I mean I'm explaining my thinking on something that gets me hatred, not any regrets for it.  This primarily comes from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, although I haven't actually played that in a long time.  Why do I sometimes go for the weaker player with nothing going for him rather than the best opponent who's on a roll?  It's nothing personal, even if it can easily feel like it.

Put Pandemic on Xbox!

Seriously, this game would work perfectly as a video game. For one-player, it's like a tactics game. You literally are playing against the board game, and it's got a ton of ways to kill you. For multiplayer, each player simply does their own roles. It could just as well be playable locally, since if you can discuss what cards are in your hand without showing them, it's really not different from keeping them revealed.

For Mother Russia's Skies!

I basically was bored today, so I wrote a summary of who dictates what ultra I use for Zangief. When figuring out which was more useful, I had to ask myself several questions.
1) Which is more useful for okizeme (anti-wakeup game)? Keep in mind that I primarily will use body splash crossup tricks by default, and then once in a while throw in Atomic Suplex/Spinning Piledriver.
2) How useful is Siberian Blizzard when I'm down? This is the best time for me to throw it out consistently.
3) How useful is either one in the middle of the overall fight?
As you'll see, I often tended toward Siberian Blizzard in my answers, largely because Ultimate Atomic Buster is just a more powerful version of Spinning Piledriver. It's usually better to have a different threat/answer than it is to have a more powerful version of something you already have.
*: Characters with a * by their names can be hit by Siberian Blizzard while crumpling. It requires precise timing. After hitting with a …

Play to draw?

As I was watching Star Trek: the Next Generation today, an interesting point came up. How do you win against something better than you? How do you turn the "playing to win" attitude against its user? The answer may surprise you, unless of course you actually read the title.