I know what the card is, STOP MAKING ME CHECK!

I'm a little upset with the Nintendo DS title, Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia.  Specifically, I have a problem with their card-checking method.  Previously, the only time you ever got to check any cards was when you specifically held the A button, indicating you would either respond or check the field.  However, there were still instances when players were unable to check cards that they legally would be allowed to know in physical form.  To my memory, this mainly occurred when cards were put into the opponent's hand.  With this version, players are instantly prompted generally anytime anything happens with them... ever.  Players will have to hit A to show they understand the card and wish to continue.
This is way overkill, especially when you have some continuous card that triggers upon certain events.  It slows down the game considerably.  I'll give an example, but this would be a case when I cannot eliminate jargon for the sake of brevity.  My deck is control (as most of my decks tend to be), this time focusing on creatures which will consistently Flip Summon and then reset themselves face-down.  I just encountered a deck using the card Stumbling, which will put any creature in defense whenever they're summoned in any way.  Because I will be re-summoning multiple times every turn, Stumbling will trigger just as many times, and I will have to go through more button presses every time when they are completely unnecessary.  Furthermore, this occurred in a match that went on past 40 turns (20 if you count just one side).  I don't think I need to tell you this was rather off-putting, and delayed the match considerably.
I appreciate that Konami is listening to its base and they included a function to allow players the option of seeing anything they may be unfamiliar with.  This is simply too simplified a system, though.  A more ideal approach would have been to only include this when cards have to be revealed by effects.  A basic example would be when a player gets to search the deck for a card, which happens quite often in this game.  Furthermore, the ability to turn this function off in the menu would also be appreciated to expedite matches.  The player takes sole responsibility for recognizing any and all cards by their pictures.  Yes, good enough players are able to recognize a vast library of cards simply by playing enough with them.  I'd still be a little put off that Stumbling will slow my gameplay all the time, but at least it would only do so because I have the capability to respond to its triggered effect.


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