Busy Busy week

When searching for an image to use at the head, I was looking for a clock my local store has themed on Magic's "Time Spiral" set.  I had no idea I'd find a literal "time spiral clock."  Awesome!

Ok, so I haven't really done anything with this blog lately.  I want anyone reading this to keep reading, so here's a little summary of what's been going on with my week in gaming.

Zangief the Beast: I was kinda dicking around with Zangief, seeing what I can do with that headbutt.  It turns out that once I know the headbutt has hit, the best attack to combo with is a simple hard punch.  If the headbutt was a counter-hit, it can all get up to 950 stun!  In testing all this headbutt stuff, I found a combo that I'm never going to actually pull off in a real match against Seth, but in 6 hits, he manages to deal 666 damage.  Do we need further proof that Zangief is "the beast?!"

Real Men Play Children's Card Games: It seems Yu-Gi-Oh is making a small comeback here.  In a moment of boredom, a friend asked me if I had any Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  The next day, I brought (what I thought was) all of my cards so I could play a match with him.  I had to use one of his decks and just destroyed him machine-style with the whole VWXYZ stuff.  It seems his dragon deck isn't made to properly compete.  Then we also had someone from the neighboring store who plays and was also interested in checking out Magic.  We got a little cultural exchange going.  I'm now interested in getting a physical version of my digital deck on the DS.

The Lonely Axe: I still have no competition in Soul Calibur 4 around here.  A new guy said that he liked Soul Calibur, I commented that it's my favorite game and I'm the best around here.  I have a reputation as the local fighter game king that's not entirely accurate, but still very well deserved.  He suggested that he would be able to offer me a challenge... and then I didn't even put out much effort in destroying him.  It really made me feel bad, but that's the breaks.  The day before, we went through some games but I took it easy on the anime club we hosted.  Again, I was largely undefeated.  It really is lonely at the top of my peak, and yet I simply can't financially afford what it takes to hit those other higher peaks I can see.

Flash Duel: It's been working out ok.  I now feel like I can truly specialize in Jefferson DeGrey.  He can control the spacing in a very annoying way and works hard to retain control of the match.  You don't want to dash in on him because you fear the Pilebunker killing you (he can retreat and then immediately attack with 4s).  If it's not the Pilebunker, it's his Spectral Pull/Push to control exactly where you are in relation to me either allowing me to strike with my pair/triple or keeping me at a comfortable position where you have to dash.  It's given me a lot more respect for the character, so it'll be interesting to see how he works out with Yomi.
* Also, need to work on showcasing Max Geiger.  For the next few demos I do, I'm going to play as him simply because too many people choose him to start.  His abilities aren't really related that much to combat, but the cards on which combat is based.  Flash Duel needs good standard play in cooperation with your abilities, and new players will seem to focus on one more than the other.  At the same time, I can't think of anyone else that would be a good starting character (maybe Valerie Rose), so I think I just want to give Max his proper credit in battle.


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