Diggers dig up something extra

This article is about a random discovery I made and some commentary about the game Mega Man Legends.  I wanted to save my discovery for after some buildup, so to preserve space, I've put it all past the break.  I doubt you'll be as surprised as I was, but this was still a cool find.

I had a bit of a nostalgia trip today.  Mega Man Legends is one of those cult classics that was not destined to make it big.  It actually was made just to make Sony happy about being the 3D console so that they would host Mega Man 8.  Take it apart from the rest of the Mega Man franchise and the average player probably would not play it to the end.  The controls are far from ideal (as was everything at the time).  The American voice acting, direction, and script were all extremely terrible.  In general, it didn't have anything to stand out so that people would continue to play through the end, except maybe to see the subtle romantic thread between Megaman Volnutt and Tron Bonne.  For those who did make it to the end, you were actually rewarded with a pretty decent reveal.
This mundane island full of seemingly random tunnels is actually the cite of an ancient civilization.  Everything underneath actually is all connected; it's just that the earth hides all thing to varying degrees over time.  Dig to the very core and you'll find what must have been a great metropolis in its time.  Stored within all of it lies a dormant... Megaman?!  The final boss, Megaman Juno comes off as a classic robotic bureaucrat, sees that the island is overpopulated, and attempts to "re-initialize."  This whole affair is done is such emotionless technical speak, which actually struck a big chord with me.  Suddenly I'm like "HOLY HELL!  What's going on here?!  Now my monkey is talking in my voice as if he's some kind of administrator!"

Well, my discovery has to do with the final boss battle and a very unexpected move by Capcom.  It turns out that this wasn't actually made by Capcom.  It's actually made by Johann Sebastian Bach and called "Little Fugue" in G Minor.  There also tends to be a BWV in the title when I look for such instances on YouTube, but I have no idea what that's supposed to mean.  I'll attempt to game and original music here so you can see what they did with it.  The first videos are the final boss's first and second form.  The third is disassociated from Mega Man and is that actual song (or at least the closest I could find to it).


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