Weird things with SSF4

As you can see, a lot of my time is being taken up with Super Street Fighter 4, partly because I've got a game show appearance for it coming up tomorrow.  To at least make that productive with this blog, I've jotted down some interesting things I've noticed with the game.
Blanka: Ultra 2 anti-air will work on close standing opponents.  Seems like it's the one worth using more than ground.
Zangief:  I'll probably stay away from Ultra 2, even though I can effectively just do the 720 on the ground (I'm gonna be jumping anyway, why try buffering it?).  It's rather hilarious to see him fly upwards in helicopter fashion, though.
Claw: I really should pick him up again and get a feel for his changes.  Ultra 1 hits while going to the wall now, making it a lot more viable.  It was beautiful though, how it did hit against me while he was at the corner, and then the whole main thing missed.
Akuma: I take back everything I ever said against his new Ultra.  It seems to be far better, since you're allowed to do it during his teleport.
Rose: I need to play more Rose players.  I'm totally unprepared for this matchup and even my Zangief gets out-grabbed.
Dan:  With a heavy sigh, I have to admit now that I do not know how to consistently beat Dan.  I need to look at him with fresh eyes and look specifically to beat his Dan Kicks.
T. Hawk: He has a command jab from a crouching position where he suddenly stands up and slaps really high.  I need to try applying this to get people off of me with their crossups.
Cody: He's intimidating when you first play against someone good with him.  His knife really extends his hitbox with larger swings.  Lariat still seems to help me get through, though.
Ibuki: Way too popular.  It allows me to play against her way too easily because I'm really prepared.  That said, I still discover new awesome things about her every time I watch her work.
Makoto: I won't be able to play her, because a large part of her play requires me to do a quarter back + kick just after jumping in the air.  I couldn't do that with Cammy and I can't do that with Makoto.
Juri: Nothing about the game tells you this, but you can hold the kick button after starting the projectile and release to shoot whenever you feel.  This does seem to deprive her of her better options, since kicks are her primary weapons, but I can't rely on that.  She can always release in the middle of something else and I'd never know it.  It's a little upsetting that it takes far less skill to play with her than it takes to play against her, but at the same time I realize this is the kind of thing for which I've been campaigning.  Don't worry about your opponent's skill as much as the tools she has and what she does with them.
Weird hitboxes: I've seen a few attacks whiff in situations where they absolutely look like they should hit.  I really need to take note of each such situation.  One that comes to mind is with Gouken, after retreating from a stage 1 focus, Ryu punched and it went right through me as I backdashed.


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