Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney unanswered questions

This entry will kinda contain spoilers for those who have not played the game.  If you don't wanna see them, play the game and come back.  I'll wait.
I'll edit this as I go through again, because Rise from the Ashes is all that's really in my memory right now.

* Not really a question, but I could swear that Blue Badger dance was going to be relevant at some point.  I'm pretty sure its movement in the security tape is unnatural to its real movement, which Dick Gumshoe was practicing off-duty.  At the very least, I have to wonder why it was moving like that, considering Meekins was supposed to have seen nobody but Goodman (really guys, the names!).  I was also holding out the possibility that it somehow held a murder weapon and became the "murderer," though that really would've been a stretch.
* Did it really never come up as odd that Mia Fey had the necklace she did?  A 9 is a weird thing to have for a necklace.  Even if we assume that it's a familiar symbol for the Japanese (I know it was used for Blue Seed, and I'm pretty sure the resemblance to 9 is coincidental), it's an odd thing for a high-ranking defense lawyer to wear.  Full disclosure: I never noticed it as odd until after the established relationship with Maya, so it got by me.
* Just what papers were taken by Redd White from the Thinker?  I'm sure they had something to do with him and the "upcoming trial" she mentioned was related to him, but I find it odd that never came up once.  After all, it establishes the whole motive.
* Why did von Karma take Edgeworth as his understudy?  For that matter, I have a hard time figuring out von Karma's motive throughout the whole thing.  The statute of limitations was going to run out on DL-6.  That would've left von Karma just as innocent as Yogi and Edgeworth.  There was no risk until he made one.  He's got to be one sick man to be so offended by a small tarnish on an otherwise perfect record that he 1) taught Edgeworth everything he knows (which, by the way, would've had to have started around the time of SL-9) and 2) suggest to Yogi that he kill off his defense attorney and frame Edgeworth for the crime.  Pride goeth before a fall, never forget that.
* Why was it Edgeworth and not von Karma assigned to prosecute SL-9 after Neil Marshall was killed?  I can understand keeping Marshall after he was initially assigned, since for all we know, he was assigned to the case from killing #1.  After he was killed though, assigning a rookie prosecutor (this was his first case, remember) to a serial murderer is highly questionable.  I figure you'd want your best, and that would be von Karma.  The most I can consider is that they wanted a prosecutor who would be most willing to accept evidence given to him, but von Karma is even more ruthless than Edgeworth.  I can see him going with it and not caring, because it gets the guilty verdict.
* Manfred von Karma must have refused a lot of cases if he never lost a case, received only a single penalty in his 40-year career, and still did not get King of Prosecutors in 2014 (Neil Marshall received it).  You can't say it was due to the SL-9 Incident, because it had not yet been solved.  This is established because the only murder where he left any evidence was on Neil Marshall's murder, not only using the sword of the trophy but taking place after Neil had received it, before Darke's conviction.  Considering von Karma's name is on there "a lot" according to Ema, something very unusual had to go down that year.  I call "bad writing" on this one.
* Considering how much Gant enjoyed wielding his power, why did he have to just kill Goodman?  In the conversation they had, all that was really stated was that Goodman sympathized with Marshall, who believed there was more to the case.  He obviously didn't think it out, but he could've just said the case was closed and would be transferred.  He was in a secure position and Goodman wouldn't really have the right to object.  Furthermore, Gant seemed to be able to plan on his feet quite well in 2014, when he set up the fake evidence against Ema (referring to the vase) and later made the fake leather.  This case was all sorts of phooey right from the start.


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