It's finally happened

I can't believe this is happening, but I'm actually going to try practicing Halo now.  I have the same opinion as I always have: I don't like console shooters.  However, I am open to playing it if I nobody else is willing to play my games, which is just about all the time.  Therefore, if I am going to play the game, I may as well devote some effort to playing it well so that I'm not completely useless at it.
It's also an interesting adventure in terms of game design.  I'll have to research all the different items, weapons, and maps.  I need to know what everything does, how effective it will be in my combat, and where everything is.  From there, I will be able to formulate basic strategies.  At the very least, I need to know my favorite weapons for each role, though I do understand some things about vehicles already.
The game design part of it will be in the application once I understand these things.  Apparently, Halo has the ability for people to design their own maps, which is really the perfect thing to do.  I wholeheartedly applaud the community's effort to unleash the designers in all of us, even though this same effort can enhance negative feelings toward the (I assume) set maps for ranked play.  It will be an interesting exercise to design a map that is truly balanced to everyone's play style, which itself will take a long time.


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