Dominion: Harmony build 4

Minor update this time.  I've updated 2 cards and learned a little about a 3rd.  As usual, the full list of cards can be found here.  Applejack and Braeburn both received cost reductions.  I've noticed that Applejack actually ends up being very useless except early in the game when you're trying to build the fundamentals of your deck.  It could work if you're doing a Gardens-style deck, since you're just as fine getting Coppers as you are Provinces.  They'd have to name Copper, Estate, and Gardens itself to keep you from powering out Gardens, in which case you just a lot of power to get Provinces.  In most cases though, it ends up being more trouble than its worth.  At 5 cost, you have to either get lucky or build up to it.  At 4, you're guaranteed to be able to get her to help get you started.  Given that it's pretty much worse than Market in practice, this cost reduction seems ok.
Braeburn got a cost reduction because the similarity to Crossroads is continuing to bug me.  Crossroads is still special because it gives +3 actions, while this card gives you money.  Both of them give you exactly as many cards.  It's a little worrying to make him cost 3, but with the friendship ability, I suppose it can work out.  Yes, it can end up being like a Laboratory that also gives money, but it only works that way when your hand is bad (or else playing with Intrigue).
I also discovered that Daring Do works off of differently named cards.  This wasn't my intent, but looking back on it, it's actually just fine.  After all, it's an action version of Horn of Plenty.  They both really work the same way, so why not restrict DD the same way?

The time of my season 3 premiere party is rapidly approaching, so I really hope I'll have everything just right in time for it.  There may still be some changes over this next week, so stay tuned.


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